A Journey Into Noirmoutier's Heritage, September 7-18, 2017

Join us for our September 2017 visit to Noirmoutier as the island community celebrates the European Union's annual Journey of Patrimony, a festive weekend of history and heritage. With your paid-up membership in the Crestview Area Sister City Program, you'll stay for free at the home of a local host family, which also provides most meals. Experience life on Noirmoutier from your host family's perspective, and enjoy group activities including special tours, activities and meals. With an ancient château—castle—that was begun in the ninth century; a historic church that houses relics of St. Philbert, the island's founder; and a rich, colorful history dating back to the Roman Empire, there's plenty of history to experience without leaving the island. World War II re-enactors in Noirmoutier's Atlantic Wall Memory heritage association are planning events and demonstrations, including honoring their American liberators. One of two optional overnight side trips in the works will take you, at extra cost, into the Vendée department's past at the Puy du Fou history theme park, including the evening "Cinéscénie" spectacular complete with 1,200 actors, pyrotechnics, lights and music. The other  is a two-night visit to historic Tours, once a Roman-Gallic settlement and today the beautiful gateway to the châteaux of the Loire Valley, two of which will be explored during the escorted excursion. All of this is available for just the cost of your airfare and membership in the Crestview Area Sister City Program.  Contact us for membership details and information on registering for this trip-of-a-lifetime.